Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Because you are special!

Hi Ladies, 

I have been getting loads of pictures from happy shoppers and I knew I just had to share them.

It feels soo good when you go out shopping and feel like a princess wearing that new dress, shoe, trouser

or even jewelry. There is a reason its called Retail Therapy.

What feels even better? When everyone around you cant help but notice how stunning you look.

Inner beauty may be precious but outside beauty sure does make it all the more fun! But remeber

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and we are all beautiful to the heart that's meant to love us!


Here is an
appreciation video of some customers who have sent us pictures looking
amazing in our collection, we know there are so many more pictures. Keep sending them more videos to come.
We are so grateful for the many ways you have supported us.
Keep sending your pics to +254702115026

Tag/ share and like with friends you spot in the video.

With Love
Miss Kerre Fashions