Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Because you are special!

Hi Ladies, 

I have been getting loads of pictures from happy shoppers and I knew I just had to share them.

It feels soo good when you go out shopping and feel like a princess wearing that new dress, shoe, trouser

or even jewelry. There is a reason its called Retail Therapy.

What feels even better? When everyone around you cant help but notice how stunning you look.

Inner beauty may be precious but outside beauty sure does make it all the more fun! But remeber

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and we are all beautiful to the heart that's meant to love us!


Here is an
appreciation video of some customers who have sent us pictures looking
amazing in our collection, we know there are so many more pictures. Keep sending them more videos to come.
We are so grateful for the many ways you have supported us.
Keep sending your pics to +254702115026

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With Love
Miss Kerre Fashions

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Black Beautiful Hair!

As a black woman i know we go through ALOT of frustration to make sure our hair looks good. I have been through it all and thought i would enlighten the girls in my life/ social network
on the different hair styles i have tryd on and the Ups and Downs to looking good.
then i will show you afew sexy hair styles by some sexy friends of mine!

Before i got some exposure into the outside world i always thought black americans always had naturaly good sleek hair, and i thoutht Kelly Rowland had Indian sleek black shiny hair, and If Nicky minaj hit the charts when i was much younger i bet i would have thought she is a natural blonde lol.

Personaly i think that its not acceptable to never have tryd a weave or in some serious situations lol a wig unless your hair is either a bundle of curly long soft hair or sleek flowing rich black hair, then
according to me your perfect just Style it.

As for the rest of us who were blessed with all the natural, strong, black, hard and dormant hair, i gues you are in the right place! I will give you afew of my tips and show you how to live and love it :-)
No critisizing my hair on this blog, for real!

thats me young and innocent, fresh from highschool :-) and bellow is Brandy looking the same lol.

Gabriell Union copied my hair style :-)

Thats me trying to pull off the Rihanna look, i even got the Hazel eyes, it kind of worked btw! i know it did because many of you liked it, and My saloonist is a Pro!


Human :
Can be curled or straightend with tongs or blowdryers to any style you want. Advantage is there is variety, disadvantage is that, it does not maintain the curls as long as  you would want and needs more attention to look good.
They can be used over and over if well maintained and therfore there is value for money. Disadvantage is that they are generaly more expensive.

You can buy ones with whatever style you like, wether curly wavey or straight. advantage is that they will maintain this look all through and will look fresh, disadvantage is that you cant change the look and its permanent and they look rough when they wear out.
They are generaly cheaper but they can only be used Once! if you use it more than once just know It Does Not look good!



  • Bonding is the most common method of hair weaving, and lasts for a few weeks. It involves gluing weft weave hair in with natural hair for added length and fullness.


  • The natural hair is braided close to the head and weft weave hair is sewn into the braids. This is a variation of the bonding technique, and lasts for one to two months.


  • Loose-stranded weave hair is braided into the natural hair in different styles that can stay in for several months. Braids include box braids, tree braid, micro braids and twists.


  • Loose weave hair is bonded onto the natural hair in small sections with hot wax or hair glue. Infusions are very versatile and durable, lasting up to six months.


  • Lace-front weaving is more like wearing a wig. The front of the wig is natural-toned mesh material that sticks along the front of the hairline to look like natural hair

Let me give  you afew suggestions of the best available hair extensions!
1. Indian Remy hair 2. Brazzilian 3. Sleek Yaki One

And i dont know if dreadlocks are categorzied in extensions, well i think they are if you add dread locl extensions, but for amimos sake i will show you afew fancy locks lol.

Before i finish this blog i just have to mention that it is VERY VERY annoyying when you have a hair extensions on with the inner part showing, where its attached to the head!
The whole point of having hair extensions is to give you a more stunning and natural look. Key point being NATURAL!! unfortunatly i dont have a picture of that, but i know it happens alot when people put full head weaves and they put a sideways split thats not well done to hide the threaded part of the extension!

Some examples of bad hair days!!

Naomi campbell

If you like how weaves and wigs look on other people but are afraid of trying them out then i can tell you one place where they do quality Hair dressing, you can just show then a picture from any site or magazine, be it Kelly rowland, or Jennifer hudson or rihanna they will give you the exact same look!! Oh and they are not expensive considering the amazing look you will end up with! it costs about 2,000ksh Thats at 20th Century Building, 4th flr, called Beauty And Beyond!!The sylist is called Lucy, if any of you decideds to try it out, mention Yvonne gave you the reference :-) , maybe it will get me some loyalty discount lol

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


                                            "I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes."Yves Saint-Laurent


Styles of jeans and how to wear them:

 I you need to have hips to make these work best, bootcuts are great for balancing out larger hips and giving you a great silhouette. If you are narrow and are not that gifted in the hip department I wouldn’t suggest a bootcut/flare jean, they can swamp your body and make you look bottom heavy and a bit out of proportion.

Kim Kardashian obviously has the figure to compliment the look, unlike Victoria Beckham
looking abit out of style (notice even the indians at the background amazed by her bad jeans day lol)

Straight Leg 
The straight leg jean is a more flattering option if you are not blessed with hips as the leg opening is wide enough to go over your shoes but not wide enough to make your body look out of proportion. Even if you have hips you can still rock the straight leg, it’s a very flattering cut. Since skinny jeans are so hot right now, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, then opt for a straight leg jean, it’s half way between. When worn with heels they will still give the illusion of super long legs as well. They are perfect for wearing as skinny jeans if you are very curvy as well.

Skinnys are very versatile and could work for any body shape as long as they are worn right. If you are slim then you have no problem rocking a great pair of skinnys, they work if you are tall or petite, with heels or with flats and are perfect for tucking into boots. Even if you are on the curvy side you can still wear them! You probably want to wear a longish floaty tunic over your skinnys and a good pair of boots as well, this would look great on the curvier lady. You still get the sexy fit of skinny jeans but it’s balanced out with the longer top and boots.

Jeggings are the most comfortable jeans you can wear due to their stretch but again, the rules of the skinny jeans applies for these. They are very clingy and much like second skin but not uncomfortable. I would suggest the jeggings with back pockets because they are much more flattering than the ones without.


Super high rise 
This style of jean I don’t think is all that flattering for some people, it works if you are blessed with being very tall and slim, otherwise super high rise on a petite or curvy frame can make your figure appear short and dumpy and isn’t very flattering. Fashion is not always pretty and my advice to you is to stick with your normal jeans and let the models and celebrities on the runway wear the high waist jeans.


I just had to add this of RiRi coz she is looking soo good, ever had of high rise hotpants!

Jessica Simpson looking horrendous in high rise jeans.

Low rise
Low rise jeans are very flattering on a smaller frame, they give you a great silhouette. Curvier ladies may want to stay away from low rise jeans as they can give the dreaded muffin top which isn’t showing off your body to its best. A medium/higher rise is best for your curves.

These jeans can be worn by anyone, all shapes and all sizes, they are great, super comfy and versatile. They may not be the most flattering jeans out there but worn right (a little tighter rather than super baggy and paired with a simple top) they can look great.


Jeans to flatter your figure:
Smaller butts –  stay away from large pockets or long pockets, they are not flattering on the butt at all. Jeans that will flatter your butt and give it a perkier look are smaller pockets, pockets that don’t have the bottom part of the pocket going past where the cheek meets the thigh, this will give the illusion of a rounded butt. Flap pockets are great as well for the appearance of a rounded tush.
Bigger butts – If you are blessed with having ‘junk in the trunk’ you can get away with pretty much any pocket style, no pockets, longer pockets, flap pockets, bigger pockets… The pocket style I would suggest staying away from is smaller pockets, if they are small, the placement is quite high up on the butt or rounded like Siwy, then it wont flatter your butt to it’s best ability. Also stay away from super low back rises, nobody loves a butt cleavage!

Other Denim tips to remember:
When wearing heels with your bootcuts or straight leg jeans make sure the hem is about 1cm off of the floor, if the hem of your jeans covers the heel it will give the illusion of longer and leaner legs.

stupid technology, this is what it brought up on how jeans should fit on heels. hahaha but i hope you get the picture.

Wearing jeans with pockets where the bottom of the pocket hits where the cheek meets the thigh is perfect, it makes you have a rounded and shapely butt.

If your jeans are a little too tight and are giving you the dreaded muffin top, wear a looser tunic to cover it or try dampening them and stretching them out gently.


Monday, 19 March 2012

MY SEXY EYELASHES..............extensions lol.


Eyelashes extensions are the latest trend to enhance your appearance.
But i must say they come with A LOT  of hassle, I can say this out of personal experience because I spent the last few days stuck to the mirror for hours on end, trying to glue on a bunch of little bristles on to my face.
Believe me, it is not at all close to as easy as i had imagined it.

First the glue kept drying up,  the tweezer kept letting go of the lashes and they would fall off, and
my eyes wouldnt give in to the pressure of looking beautifull and were a rainfall of tears. This obviously did not help the situation.
These are only a few of the hassle of  having sexy eyelashes, not mentioning not being able to
properly wash your face or oil it since you dont want the hours put into it, to go in vain.

Nontheless I must admit that having a bunch of long curly black eyelashes is the sexiest thing I have
tryd in longer than i can rememeber.
There is something about those captivating eyes that makes you feel glamorous, sexy and flirty all at the same time!

I finaly got my cousin Camelyn  to perfom this what i would call surgical procedure (only coz of the tweezers and the time spent - abit blonde)  and I must say i looked SEXY. 

(the pictureabove is of the exact lashes i used, individual lashes work much better than the ones that are joint in a row, since they last longer)


My vanity had the best of me and i wouldnt let Camelyn stop adding more and more lashes, the fuller they became the more i wanted, she is a fashion guru and obviously knew when abit more was abit too much and stoped ( i honeslty dont blame anyone wearing peacock fethers on their eyelids, they obviously just dint know when enough was Enough).

(obviously this picture makes the feathery lashes look good, but its only coz its a picture! cant imagine myself walking down the street with those... or can I..?!?!  lol )

( thats e with my eyelashes all done lol bt honestly i dint get a chance to take a pic but next time i will and add it as a comment here :-)

The after effect makes it all soo worth it, and in the true sense its not such a nerve breaking
process, since my cousin managed to do it in barely half an hour. I gues it was just my left handed
ameture skills that made it look soo distressfull. (sorry to Kellen and Jacky for giving u the wrong
impression lol)
Oh and my eyelashes lasted almost two weeks, though i must admit i was abit too inconsiderate of there needs, but what cani say.... Long weekends :-)

So eyelashes ARE TOTALY WORTH IT and as i write this blog am already thinking of wether i can get them done again Tomorrow.

Btw sexy  eyelashes are one of Kim Kardashians best (not)kept secret, i think she defines beauty in so many ways, and her eyes are partly to thank for that!


Celebrities looking good in their sexy lashes

Ps. Drop me a comment if you want the total info on which eyelashes work best and what glue works best with it and who best to do it for you ( i gues i dint just waste loads of hours on my lashes for nothing)