Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A guide to every womans handbag!

Besides the obvious Phone, keys, wallet etc Every womans handbag should always carry along a minature bag that holds all her beauty products!
Most of us always end up carrying a load of stuff we dont really need, 3 of the same mascara and 3 lipgloss, 4 different eyeshadow kits

Here are some of the basic things that you need to carry in your makeup bag that will help you
reduce all the junk in your bag. When you have a variety of the same product, always choose one
that suits well with most of your style, and LEAVE the rest at home.

Here are afew of my MUST have beauty items in my makeup bag.

As any woman knows, a dash of lipstick can perk up even the worst case of the blues, and having your favorite shade within reach is imperative to keeping you looking your best. Lipstick works to create a beautiful focal point on the face – so even if you don’t have time to put on a complete face of makeup each morning, lipstick will still make you look glamorous and put-together

Eye shadow
Choose one with colours that blend with your every day look to get the best results. also get something that is compact and fits well in your makeup bag.

Hand lotion
 The stresses of a busy day and the harsh soaps found in public bathrooms can wreak havoc on your skin.

A classy lady always has fresh breath, but who has time to go brush her teeth after lunch? Mints and gum are lifesavers. Plus they make a refreshing little treat whenever you need a low-cal pick-me-up.

A compact mirror
There’s a big difference between conceit and vanity. Conceited women know they’re beautiful and will stare into anything they can see themselves in. They need a constant reminder as to who the fairest one of all is. Vain women check mirrors every five minutes just to make sure that at no point in time do they look crazy. Then there are women who know their friends wont always tell them they have broccoli in their teeth or lint in their hair. It’s important to make sure you look presentable. This should go without saying.


It can be thickening, lengthening, volumizing. Whatever, really. Just pick your poison. Dramatic lashes just make you look more awake and "with it." Plus, it keeps focus on your eyes and not on, say, a big pimple

Read More http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2012/01/5-products-every-woman-must-ha.html#ixzz1ni61tmXE

Commonly used as a daily make up routine to define the eye or create the look of a wider or smaller eye. Eyeliner can be used as a tool to create various looks as well as highlighting different features of the eyes

PerfumeHide a multitude of smelly sins with a sample of your favourite scent... and give him something (nice) to remember you by as you drift past. Carry a minisized of your favourite scent in your bag,

Sunglasses add an element of intrigue and mystery to the wearer. They’re an effective wind barrier, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust. All in all a great fashion accessory.

 Hand Sanitizer
 Just because you have to be out in a dirty world, doesn’t mean you want to bring those germs home with you. Most women have a small bottle of hand sanitizer traveling alongside them. And it doesnt
hurt to always have a scented or flavoured sanitizer that will leave your hands smelling fresh and clean.

My Designer Shoes

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Angels in Heels

Last November 9, angels have fallen on earth and landed at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City but they weren’t covered in pristine white robes nor did they have feathered wings. On the contrary, they were a bit ‘underdressed’ but heavily ‘accessorized’.
The 16th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just got edgier and sexier as this year’s lavish event included gold-plated and neon light wings, bejeweled props, diamond-encrusted bras and of course, designer shoes. Clad in the world’s most popular lingerie line, Victoria’s Secret Angels Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Chanel Iman, Doutzen Kroes, Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo and the runway angels electrified the audience. Of the 38 models, 15 were debutantes in the highly-acclaimed fashion affair.
And as if hot supermodels in barely-there lingerie weren’t enough to make the runway sizzle, prominent artists from the music scene provided the perfect tunes to set the mood. This year’s performances were nothing short of a surprise. Cee Lo Green was originally slated for that night but upon his cancellation, Nicki Minaj entered as last minute replacement. Meanwhile, Kanye West’s long overdue performance in 2007 finally pushed through. After a powerful rendition of his chart-topping single “Stronger”, he was joined by fellow rapper Jay-Z for a surprise duet. Lastly, Maroon 5 had the crowd move like Jagger as front man Adam Levine stole the show and a kiss from Victoria’s Secret model-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna.
The collections were categorized into six themes, namely Ballet, Super Angels, Passion, Angels Aquatic, I Put a Spell on You and Club Pink. There is no wondering why the entire fashion show cost a whopping $12 million! The designer shoes worn by the angels most definitely were a significant percentage of that sum and these pairs were courtesy of no less than Giuseppe Zanotti. Here are some of them:

Floral Embellished Sandals

For the Passion-themed section of the show, models were adorned with ornate pieces reminiscent of Spanish matadors and a bit of the Victorian Era. To keep up with the theme, the models were adorned with flowers on their head, lingerie or feet. Adriana Lima looked especially stunning in the various looks she sported for this section. The fourth highest paid model of the world strutted on the runway wearing black strappy sandals embellished with organza rosette appliqu├ęs straight from Giuseppe Zanotti’s spring 2011 collection. With a heel measurement of 4.5 inches, these sandals feature round toes, slim stitched straps and a zip fastening at the rear ankle.

Wedge Booties

wedge booties
While Adriana Lima succumbed to a liquid diet to be in tip-top shape for the show, Chanel Iman had to binge on food to put on some weight. Blessed with a rapid metabolism, the 20-year-old supermodel admitted to hosting frequent barbeque parties at her house and gained 15 pounds in time for the show.
Her efforts sure paid off as she was beaming in a bright mini-tutu that revealed her bare bottom and neon light up wings during the Club Pink section of the show. Her neon lime wedge booties perfectly complemented the vividness of the theme. Part of the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection; it features 110 mm heel height and an inner side zipper. Other variations of these shoes were seen on the runway from patent to suede and in different colors.
Selena Gomez was also seen wearing the purple edition of the wedge booties in this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards.

Ruffle Peep-Toe Booties

Ruffle Peep Toe Booties
Victoria’s Secret veteran Julia Stegner wowed the crowd in a Flamenco dancer-inspired ensemble. Her peep-toe booties completely matched her heavily-ruffled ruffled sleeves and long trail. The German Angel walked with flair in a pair of fun and flirty booties from Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2011 collection. The shoes feature chiffon ruffle details on the vamp, side zippers, 2-inch platform and stiletto heels. With all the available eye-candy color combinations, this piece can make for a fantastic collection.

Satin Pumps

With her doll-like features and exquisite figure, Miranda Kerr truly deserved the tiara she wore for the Ballet section of the show. The Australian Angel managed to grab hold of a magic wand during her post-pregnancy period and showed up on the runway still as slender as before. Earlier this year, she gave birth to her own angel with husband Orlando Bloom. But contrary to her newly-acquired role as a mommy to Flynn, she sashayed on the runway looking like a young a prima ballerina. Miranda and the rest of the models wore stilettos with laced up ribbons to mimic toe shoes.
These satin pumps are part of the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection and are primarily characterized by its pencil-thin, 4 1/4 inch-heel. For those who closely follow celebrity events, this piece would easily be remembered as Brittany Snow’s custom-spiked pumps at the 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards last August.

Strappy Stiletto Sandals

Undoubtedly, this is Miranda Kerr’s year. Besides giving birth to a lovely son, she took the spotlight in this year’s fashion show and wore the 279-carat Fantasy Treasure Bra worth $2.5 million. It reportedly took 5 hours for distinguished London Jewelers to hand-stitch around 3,400 precious gems on a single piece. In an interview with People Magazine, Kerr exclaimed: "And it's such a piece of artwork!
It's absolutely stunning -- it kind of feels a little mermaid-like -- but I can't believe I'm wearing $2.5 million on my chest.”
As embellished as her lingerie was her footwear from Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2011 collection which featured intricate beading and 4.5-inch heels. The gladiator version of the sandals was also seen on the runway. Anne Vyalitsyna’s sequined fins were well-accentuated by the aquatic hues of the sandals while Victoria’s Secret runway debutante Karlie Kloss had matching bustier and two-toned gladiator sandals.

Crystal Embellished Sandals

The Fantasy Treasure Bra wasn’t the only highlight of the night. Much attention was also given to the props and the one worn by Alessandra Ambrosio took seven months to conceptualize and create. The Brazilian Angel admitted to strengthening her back in preparation for the show since the wings weighed 22 pounds. Designed by Jenny Manik Mercian, the “Passion Play Fan wings” were made of 23-carat gold-plated copper and heavily encrusted with 105,000 Swarovski Elements. Apparently, the global company’s 9-year partnership with Victoria’s Secret has reached a whole new level with the extravagant wings.
Giuseppe Zanotti has also been charmed by Swarovski Elements and embellished his sandals with the renowned crystals. Alessandra’s footwear was a fine blend of silk and Swarovski.

Satin Ribbon Sandals

An Asian beauty finally made it to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and goes by the name of Sui He. In one section, the Chinese Angel sashayed down the ramp in a lavender ensemble. She wore a very feminine piece from Giuseppe Zanotti’s Spring 2011 collection. Measuring 4.25 inches in heel height, the sandals feature a bow detail at the ankle.

Neon Colorblock Platform Sandals

Nicki Minaj was an explosion of colors that night wearing an orange bustier top, graphic skirt over graphic tights, striped gloves, silver shoulder pads and hot pink wig. But there’s no blaming her as she was just dressed for the ‘occasion’—that is, the Club Pink section of the show where the angels burst in neon hues as well.
To finish off her outrageously playful outfit, she slipped into neon colorblock platform sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti’s Resort 2012 collection. These patent chunky sandals are a color wheel of pink, yellow and blue with a platform height of 1 ¾ inch and heel height of 6 inches.